Support for Those Who Need It

Focus Areas

Food insecurity

MO SWITCH has done extensive research on food insecurity through a partnership with University of Missouri. To address this need we have participated in trainings held through No Kid Hungry, and are currently providing meals to at-risk children through partnerships with a faith-based organization and a local food truck.

MO SWITCH can help guide your organization to provide food for those who need it most.


Where do we start? This is normally the question that groups have when wanting to create change in their community or organization. MO SWITCH can help guide your group through the outlining, planning and implementing process of projects big and small.

Our process also includes budgeting, funding sources, and evaluation if requested.

Pedestrian transportation

Community safety and security is important to everyone. At MO SWITCH, we understand this and have worked with communities in Missouri to update policies, pass sales taxes, and advocate for city policies to create safer, more walkable communities.

From complete streets to walk-to-school events, MO SWITCH can help get your community walking and biking safely.

grant writing

Funding is a common roadblock for those who are innovative and wanting to make change.

MO SWITCH has experience in grant writing, as well as relationships with private and federal funders.

Our goal is to ensure funding is not a barrier to your goal.

community engagement

Bringing those who are influential to the table is an essential part of sustainable community change. Getting these individuals to the table is not an easy task, nor is maintaining community enthusiasm in the long process of community change.

MO SWITCH has extensive experience in facilitating and organizing events with communities looking to engage stakeholders in convening for policy, programming, or environmental enhancements.


Policy change is a long-term commitment.

MO SWITCH has worked with legislators, elected city officials, and business and community leaders to create long term change through policy change.

From complete streets ordinances, smoking ordinances, or tax policy, MO SWITCH can help make long-lasting change a reality.